Four years have passed since we joined IIT. From early morning MuP classes to frequent night-outs designing an NFS, we have seen it all. Amongst ourselves we have managed to frustrate all professors, redefine punishments through DISCOs, emphasise on freedom of speech via different media, credit people with different sobriquets and what not! The intent of the YearBook is to capture the spirit of our batch in toto and to do so by letting people say whatever they have to about others.

Interesting sites pertaining to our batch

The Farewell Party

We had quite an interesting farewell party, wherein we had two multimedia presentations, a song and the title-giving ceremony for the professors. The content of the presentations is available in both, html and ppt format. The song, I am afraid, wasn’t recorded, so it cannot be put in any conceivable media format. To find out more, click:


  • The title (Somewhere, something went terribly wrong!!) and the Pic – Neeraj Dumir

Entries of all students

By popular demand, it was decided that anonymous entries should be allowed. If you want to send in something and keep your identity secret, send it to with a request for anonymity.