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   Love is in the air. Everybody is smitten. So are we. Hence this weeks polling is for 'Kaam Dev'.  Hold on!!!  We wonder how many people from our Deptt. does actually care about love.  But, with BTP presentations just round the corner the KAAM is what everybody thinks about. 


"Yaar, BTP mein Kuchh KAAM nahin hooaa!!!"

Max KAAM karnaa Hain...."


 Yes that is what the next polls are all about.  It is about the workoholic who thinks nothing but of 'KAAM' and whose every deed if filled up with the "KAAM BHAVNAA." 


' Kaam' Dev

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1) Vote for a person of B.Tech '96 only.

2) Only B.Tech.'96 is allowed to vote.

3) You can vote by sending a mail to



Results for the Polls earlier Held

Angry Young Man

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