Kiran K.Gurumukhi

Career Goal(s): Build something worthwhile
Nicknames: Guru
Hobbies: Drawing and Painting
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: all days right from the very first.

If you’ve not visited his room, ur missing something. A perfect dreamer (if this is what is common between us).

Aur kya hua guru … are u still after that 97 entry chem. girl?

The straightest fellow in our batch. I don’t belive he’s ever hurt a fly.

Two characteristics of Kiran are: sadiyaan beet jati hain and this guy completes saying a sentence…. And if he tries to run , he falls immediately… Many remember his fall in slow motion at the cricket match last year… But I surely like how he greets everybody with a smile.

This is the guy I know from the very first day of IIT. Earlier he was so shy and hardworking that he didn’t even bother to say hi! to his friends. I used to be jealous of him because of his hardwork, intelligence and sincerety. This happened till 4th sem when PL happened and he lost his sincerety(moustache). From then onwards he lost interest in studying and it continues. But he improved in socializing with people. My advice to open up with people overworked on him. Now he greets all our batchmates does chatting and what not. I have never seen such a tranformation in a person in my life.

He had a habit of scoring A in all HU and OC courses till CS261 happened where despite attending all classes on Ist bench, got a C. This is because he was more interested in finding a reason to talk to his neighbour.

The thing which irritates me most abt him is slowness. He takes ages to utter a word, eat lunch, walk and everything.

The most recent blunder he committed was in HR interview of job. The lady asked “what are your future plans ?” and he, successor of Harish Chandra, replied “I want to do M.Tech”. So she asked, “so you won’t join our job if given?” he said “NO”.

Actually he also doesn’t know what he wants to do after IIT. His recent wish is to do Ph.D in Graphics that also abroad despite in danger of flunking Graphics.

But some things are really nice abt him. He is a very good painter and writer and good looking.

And above all, IF you have not visited his room…. you are missing something. The walls of his rooms(now every inch covered by pictures) narrates the story of his obsession with pictures of females. He asks every one to donate magazines, newspaper etc. to nurture his obsession.

That’s not all for this guy………

Gurumukhi kabhi bhi apna temper lose nahin karta aur humesha happy rehta hai. Use dekh ke humesha khushi hoti hai :))

He’s a very good artist and I sincerely think he should pursue these interests. He paints very well, he can do a very good craft work. I sometimes envy him for his long term commitment to a particular job he has undertaken, however slowly it may appear to move. He has shown this by decorating walls of his room with photographs of attractive females.

One advice: If you’re expecting some answer from him, give him a voice recorder, let him record his answer and later run it in the fast forward mode.

The strangest person I have ever seen. He is always serious about academics but does not care to get what he really deserves. It was a joy to do courses like ME130, ES330 and ES340 with him.