Gagan Aggarwal

After IIT: Stanford
Hobbies: Reading, crosswords, indoor games

Theres one thing that Gagan forgot to mention about herself (or purposely didnt), so I’ve had to write it here. Its her nickname – Guppi. Well, the story behind it is long, so I wouldn’t like to mention it here, but all her close friends like to call her that. And I think its really sweet Guppi, u neednt be embarrassed b’cos of it!

Gagan’s favourite keys on the keyboard: n, f, r, m & enter. Its anyones guess why ;-) A prominent characteristic of Gagan is her arriving late for class, which has aggrevated due to her recently developed habit of maaroing nightouts – thats another tale. So the story goes that Gagan was running short of attendance in MuP (incidently she used to arrive at 9:05 for an 8:00 a.m. class just for attendance!!!) so she went to Kalra and explained to him why it was tough to get up and come for an 8 o clock class esp in the winters. She did it so well that NCK actually sympathised and remarked that he could still do nothing abt it! Another prof on one occasion told Gagan that “heavens wont fall if you dont come to class”, so she stopped coming to class even at 9 after that!!! Recently, Gagan has turned nocturnal. This can be attributed to the habits she developed during her training at IBM, IRL of working late into the night. So now, her day begins with evening tea followed by dinner, and just before going to bed she tries to make sure she has breakfast. Lunch has lost meaning for her and has been replaced by a cool midnight snack at Jia Sarai or KLS.

If sending E-Mails was “paid for” …… she would have been a millionaire by now :-)

A lovely smile is ONE OF THE good things God has gifted her with. One very weird thing about her ….. In the middle of my most serious talks with her, she asks “Tum kaise ho Harsh ?” If anyone else also experiences the same and has figured it out why she does so …… Please let me know … TREAT PROMISED.

Guppi has always been a wise crack whether it is in chess or crosswords. She has been a good friend and I cannot forget the endless times she has taken pains to make sure that I do not skip my meals. Guppi loves sleeping and her favourite serial is “Shaktimaan” (as revealed by her to our ME130 proff).She surely has transformed a lot over the years from a studious reserved person to a fun-loving extrovert. Another positive point she has is determination – Watch out when she decides to crack an exam or to roller blade.I never saw anybody so determined to learn no matter how many times she fell and hurt herself.Well there is one domain that Guppi still has a long way to go and that is singing ; )

I remeber my only one long interaction with her when we were together in train, it was really great talking to her and I understood that she is not all that shy as I always thought her to be… Just one thing – Gagan, i think there could have been something more interesting than “unix commands” to play hangman!!!… Anyway that was also nice…. I was very happy later to not have lost which I thought I would……

Perhaps the only person who has landed into more name-trouble than myself. First Deepak Verma mistook her for a Kumaonite and then Sud’s script mistook Gagan Garg for her. Quite a shy person, I really admire her for the way she does crosswords and plays scrabble. During Bitskrieg Munshi, Dummy and I had formed a cartel. The semi-finalists of Scrabble included Munshi and Gagan. The placement was strategic – Gagan was in the MCL and Munshi in Intel. It took our entire cartel’s brains to beat her.