Harish Chandra Arya

Hobbies: chess, novels, movies

Ulti soft-hearted guy and i know i’m right.

Vijay, Michael Caimer(Mukul Kumar, for those who don’t know), Para and me will be grateful to Harish for introducing us to the lateral thinking puzzles/stories, which proved out to be so exciting under his conduction and so irritating for other passangers that the Ticket Collector on the Bangalore-bound train warned us that he’d throw us out of the train on the next stop.

Harish is a guy whom you just can’t stop loving. He is the most sensitive and polite person I have ever met in my life. He is the sort who may thank you when you give him back the money you borrowed from him . A very simple person and one of the very few to whom the system hasn’t got to.

#Appears# to be the “Sabse Sidha Baccha” of the department!

This is the guy, I started knowing from 2nd year onwards despite me being close to his buddy Vijay. He was very shy and reluctant to speak, but now he has fully opened up. Still he is very soft-spoken. I have never seen him talking loud. He is such a nice person that he greets me with a smile and is always ready to help. He has a habit of taking courses which people avoid to take. Even then he runs his own curriculum. Earlier he could be seen very much in the lab, not doing the assignments but his own experimental programs. Therefore I respect his programming skills. His recent hobby is to pull my legs. Actually he is so calm and cool that he has not shown many shades of his behaviour, so not much to reveal……….