Vaibhav Vaish

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Career Goal(s): Learning, travelling, swimming, having fun
Hobbies: Swimming, xpat2, reading

Can u beat this – several people i know are ‘scared’ of Mr. Vaish!!! He certainly doesnt look like a monster to me… what did u do to them Vaibhav?

Vaibhav “Sir Humphry” Vaish is someone you will wish is always on your side. A powerful weapon on your side, he can be a dangerous adversary if it suits him. You can rarely win an argument with him however silly it might seem. Many would agree that he an extremely annoying, conceited, and manipulative character. I always had a fantasy of throwing a blanket over him, and beating the shit out of him. If I ever carry that out, then I would consider I have nothing left in life to do.

I “encountered” Vaibhav for the first time at the “fachcha” lightening chess event … one of my first interactions with my depis. I think of him as a gentleman ever since. One of his most remarkable characteristics is his voice … I haven’t heard a philosopher speak, but listening to him gives me the feeling that this is how it must sound – suits him, actually.

My first interaction with Vaish was through Khan and those were the days when we were freshly introduced into the terrorising course – MA111. Right then I was impressed by the command he had over Mathematics. A couple of RCA events later in the week proved to me that he was a genius in quite a few other things like debating and quizzing. His enthusiasm for what he does is very encouraging – be it playing cricket, or participating in literary events during Rendezvous, or practising for the farewell music nite. He has been of immense help during the making of this yearbook (apart from making a large number of entries he has also helped me out during several technical difficulties) and I thank him whole-heartedly for it.

Good ol’ pal, and a great, sweet guy. Don’t know why so many people are afraid of him! Always has a quip under his sleeve, but also quietly submits when one is made on him – most of the time. Always inspiring with his clear thinking and independent mind. Is a great guy to hang out with and have long chats about all sorts of topics. His room is a good place for this because he usually has some sweets stocked. Will definitely produce a pathbreaking dissertation. Best of luck, and may we have many more voyages…

Highly professional and diplomatic. You can never beat him in any argument. It’s always helpful to have him on your side, whether it’s about proving your point or getting a royal treatment with his unlimited supply of sweets. I can never forget the delicious sweets that he’s served in IIT or at Allahabad camps … Everyone knows about his excellent command over mathematics. Many times he leaves me spellbound with his vast memory and crystal clear understnding of mathematical concepts.

Always precise and concise in whatever he speaks or writes. He is very sharp minded. I will not forget that he had once confirmed in the TOC class that Turing machines don’t have uncountably infinite cells!

My partner in many projects. Must say very systematic and serious. But great to work with…That is if you’re willing to work. And as everybody else have mentioned a Gentle man…(Gentle ..We all will agree….but man???) Surely would achieve something extraordinary.

I remember having been frightened to talk to Vaibhav during the first year. I still am. This guy with a size of an ant can be a tough customer to talk to. I admire him for his marketing skills as much as his enthu for sports and singing. One has to also thank him for managing our labs wonderfully. One of the remarkable things about Vaibhav is his courage of conviction – he wouldn’t care about popular opinion if he what he believes is otherwise. He is my candidate for “Man of the Batch”.