Mayank Sharma

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After IIT: Aditi, Bangalore
Career Goal(s): Software Developer
Nicknames: Manku, Mankee
Hobbies: programming, swimming and travelling(treking)
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: Blind Date
Fun stuff about Mayank Sharma:

As though being the CEO and Typist of M&D is not enough, Monkey also has the (dis)honour of being my BTP partner. Of course, this makes one wonder as to if the two of us are BTP partners, who does the work? Anyway, that is not the major issue here. Monkey is another of those people who come from Madduland. But fortunately, he isn’t bracketed in the same class as Muddi, thanx to his gross inability to speak the Maddu language. He is an absolutely comical character who has done everything starting from chats for wooing dames from Pune and ending up at blind dates here in Delhi (It is a different fact altogether that the other party concerned with the blind date didn’t turn up there). Monkey is an asset to quite a few of us – not because of his webpages, which are too obscene to be spoken about in any case, but because of the fact that he gets paid for them. A few failed startups regarding web-designing don’t daunt him – he is always there to make more pages, each one more obscene than the previous ;-)

A great guy to have in ur hostel .. but then there is this furious temper he has .. ask Khan abt it .. Mayank once threw Patterson ( remember Comparch ?) at Khan at one of the many disputes he has had ..

With god’s grace .. he’ll end up having a blind date he cherishes so much .. um .. i think i better stop, else ppl will have to read stupid things abt me.

Mankee, my favourite animal to pick on. Cute, cuddly and squeals like one too (you have to know how to pinch him).

Mankee is the first person I taught swimming – he picked it up faster than anyone I’ve seen.

Good ol’ Mankee – the senti king of the dep. Also somewhat of a hypochondriac. But a really sweet guy. Very spontaneous and great fun to roam around with – he will come with you on a plan made on short notice on the spot. Recently has become the liason for all and sundry US companies to come and recruit from the dep.