Anupam Rastogi

Hobbies: TV, comp games, current affairs, etc etc

Real low profile guy – I never knew him before we went off to Germany for two and a half months together on our summer training. Is a funny, witty, and very resourceful guy if you get to know him. We used to sit and have long chats every evening and late into the night.

Small incident about which we always tease him : we were walking on the streets of Dortmund, Germany one fine day, about a week into our trip. Bright happy people are walking around, driving their BMWs and Benzs, coming out of or going into their plush homes – the living picture of western prosperity. That was the time when Rastogi notices, “Yaar, you know, everyone is quite rich over here.”

Although Rastogi appears pretty shy and reserved, he is on the contrary very outgoing. I discovered this during our stay together in Germany. Otherwise a balanced guy, he fumes when you say you like theoretical computer science. He will never forgive Sanjiva for teaching Hintikka sets in the Programming Lang course.