Sulabh Agarwal

Career Goal(s): ???!!!?!?!?!
Nicknames: Sullu
Hobbies: Movies, Sports and the usual stuff (!)

Yeh Bhopali dil ka bahut accha hai. Lekin hamesha psyche karne ki koshish karta rahta hai. I remember one of the things that he said to me in our second sem. I was an attatchee and had just taken a room in the hostel. The other first yearites seemed quite enthu about ragging the “new” fucchas. Aur main kaafi psyche ho raha tha. Sulabh ne mujhe kaha ki sab tujhe strip karne ko kahenge. Darna mat. Bas strip kar dena. Meri fat li thi. However, when it actually came to the “interaction”, he was the first to stop others from ragging me.

This guy has a really quick mind and is almost always ready with a quick repartee.

If looks could “kill”, half of the professors at IIT would have been in trouble, thanks to this smart gentleman. He has earned the title of “bhasmasur” because of his “devastating” looks. A very nice and straight forward guy, he is known for his impatience with “tushan marne waales”. “Doosro ki kheechna ya dho dena ya pel dena” is his favorite (and perhaps only!) pastime. A very quick mind, from the very first year, he used to sleep at 12:00 in every major/minor – whew!, we used to get psyched. He has been fighting a hopeless battle against his ever increasing tummy but to no avail. That can be attributed to his getting “phokat” treats out of almost everyone. Hope that he realises his dreams(and his figure) in near future(2001!).

A true bhopali out on a hunt for some ladies who satisfy the criteria he has set for them. But unfortunately the criteria is so tought that not a single girl has impressed him fully till date.Soften your heart a bit for the fairer sex, dear!

A very common error committed by quite a lot of people was mistaking Sulabh for me and vice versa. When anyone mistook him for me, his general comment was, “Gaali mat de yaar!” Needless to say, such feelings were mutual. Sulabh has a very keen sense of humour and can easily lighten up a situation with his peppy comments. Moreover, he has a habit of shocking people with concocted information and he succeeds very well there. All he needs in life is a bandi and a slender figure.

Works while he works and then enjoys while he enjoys that is the way he is happy and in joy.