Asheesh Chanda

Career Goal(s): Enjoying life
Nicknames: chaand
Hobbies: Eating

Few are aware of Mr. Chanda’s profound mathematical skills, which he effectively concealed at the Maths Olympiad tarining camp. However, there was none to beat him at mimicry of the faculty.

His frankness, especially in matters of the heart, is truly laudable. On the APEX trip for JEE top rankers (yes, Mr. Chanda was 51st), a senior prof. in APEX, Dr. Krishnan found this to his discomfiture. After a few days of sightseeing in Bombay (in which we were accompanied by his daughter, an eligible Miss Krishnan), APEX held a felicitation ceremony, where all students were given a cheque, and a red rose. Dr. Krishnan tried to tease Chanda by saying, “If only there was anyone to whom you could present the rose…” Mr. Chanda, never to supress the voice of the heart, stated – in the presence of all students (though not Miss Krishnan) “Sir, dene ko to hai – bus permission de dijiye. Aap hi ki permission chahiye.” Dr. Krishnan did not try to tease Mr. Chanda any further.

Chanda is one of those who are always in jolly mood.
Chanda, always try to be that way (or even better if possible) .

Having gone to bed in the same room (separate beds !!) made the APEX trip truly enjoyable with his gregarious personality maintaining the sanity amongst the ‘high reserves of intellect’. A testimony to his prowess with ‘teeni patti'(flash) – the toppers graduated from cries of “check-mate” to “Cheque, mate!” (and matchsticks) by the end of the trip.
Apart from his frankness in the matters of the heart, his bashfulness is unparalleled. Not content with merely seeking permission, our conniving casanova delicately picked all the petals form the rose (Loves me?.. Loves me not? conjecture). Craftily holding the petals in place with the stem, he proceeded to offer the (seemingly) full and pretty rose to the sultry lady in question – only to receive her utter dismay, and some not-so-favorable words when the petals collapsed in her hand.
And then there is his insatiable thirst for spirits, which has sent his pulse racing, and him racing on foot from Rendezvous to Pulse in an ebullient (and inebriated) state.

Chanda took my training diary for making a copy of it as we did our training together. I waited for
One day… “Abhi to likhna start bhi nahin kiya”
Two days…”Likh raha hun”
Three days… “Thoda baaki hai”
One week… “Le lena na yaar”
One month… “Abhi thode hi submit karni hai, baad me le lena”
. After almost one year, when I approached him for it, he said:
“Ghar pe chhod aaya hun, abhi likhna start hi kiya hai”.
He is the one of the coolest people in the dept as well as in the hostel.