Harsh Nanda

Home on the Web: http://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~csu96134
Career Goal(s): Not decided yet
Nicknames: Nandu
Hobbies: Dancing and Dressing up !!!
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: When I got Only 1 vote in my first Convener's elections ( but the good part is that was not mine !!!)
Fun stuff about Harsh Nanda:

All harsh needs in life is an audience – for his songs, his gandas or simply general tushan about how great he is. An interesting observation is that he needs to block his ears with his fingers if he wants to think about something sensible. His songs are the best remedy for driving someone away!! Harsh, please take a break from your constant talking

Awarded the title of Govinda of the batch,Harsh sure sets his own vogue. Whether it is with sunglasses at night or the “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani ” attire at Kailash informals. His great enthu for things surely adds some spice to life.

Doomed is the person who pairs up with nanda.. in anything. If ever Pole_ling conducts a poll on “Fraudy No 1” of the department, Nanda would win hands down. I could examine him at close quarters when I had (mis)fortune of becoming his partner in mup. With Nanda and Pankaj Mangal as partners what more can anyone ask for ? Now that he is going to UMCP am sure he’ll leave a indelible mark which would invariably result in the doors of UMCP being permanently closed to IITD chaps :-)

I hope netscape doesn’t crash like it did the last time I tried making an entry for Harsh … that’s just how Harsh is … always making his “entry” with a bang. He is most enthu about dressing up, although he sometimes ends up doing overkill. And that goes for almost anything that he likes doing, be it dancing, driving his bike, singing (God bless the poor soul, who has the misfotune of being his audience) or maaroing tashun. And what about things he doesn’t like doing … well, the less said, the better!! (the curious are referred to Vamsi’s comment above)

He seems to be the most enthusiastic guy of dept. (that’s a totally different story if his enthu. leads to any fruitful result :: harsh do u remember ur enthu of T-shirts with photograph of 96 batch on it and the virtual trip to national park (probably in Rajasthan )and Agra)

Anyway, he’s a nice cooperative chap.

Department ka sabse bada fraudy. aur as a convenor to unke kya kehne …jis exam mein nanda saheb ke kam marks hon uske reminor ke liye phadna pehle se shuru kar dena chahiye.

He is a eccentric but lovable person ( he is lovable only when u learn to tolerate his bakwaas baatein ) ek no. ka phenku…uski baatein bill gates sun le to uski raaton ki neend ud jaaye kyonki nanda chutkiyon mein agar 10 (or is it 100) million $ ka software bana sakta hai woh bhi akele to kitne din lagenge apne nandu bhaiya ko apne billu bhaiya ko pichche chodne mein. sardiyon mein roz shaadi ka suit pehan kar ghoomta rehta hai ki kahan baraat lagi ho aur mooh marne ka mauka mile. these khinchais apart nanda is a very helpful person & will be there anytime u need him. sutte ke liye 10 maango to 20 deta hai.

An amusing potpourri of Govinda, Right Said Fred and Johny Bravo. Largely responsible for the `song-and-dance’ facet of ACES, and supposedly for some untraceable cash flows.

Ek panaroma aadmi ko kahan se kahan pahuncha deta hai!!(no pun intended).
And do you know where this guy’s brain actually is? Correct, in his mouth. He keeps it exciting with his fingers every now and then.