Pankaj Mangal

Fun stuff about Pankaj Mangal:

No amount of words can decribe this guy. But I would just describe one incident here. It was the night before the PL Minor 2 (4th semester). I was trying to come to terms with the jargon (in the form of PL notes) lying in front of me, when Pankaj Mangal entered the room.

Here is what followed (reported verbatim)

Mangal : Aur Kapil, kitna mag liya?
Me : Kuch nahin smajh aa raha yaar
Mangal : yaar tera last sem haath toot gaya tha na.
Me : Haan ( I had fractured my hand in the 3rd semester while practicing for Inter IIT cricket and I had to take an I grade in the majors)
Mangal : Aur phir tune I grade liya tha.
Me : Haan, kyon?
Mangal : Yaar, meri kal ke minor ki tayari nahin hoi and main sooch rahan hoon ki kal minor nahin doon.
Me : To phir medical certificate dikhana parega
Mangal : wo to ban jayega.
Me : kaise?
Mangal : main apna haath toor loonga (I will break my hand !!)

and I think he really did something like that to escape the minor!

Now, this is too much of Tantan to ask mangal to complete his year book entry as for this, he has to get his intel account de-freezed. After his account was frozen sometime in the first year, he never worried to get it restored. So, is this fair to ask him for taking the trouble now?