Rohit Dube

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After IIT: CISCO, India (Bangalore)
Career Goal(s): will decide within the next 1,no 2 no ....will let u know then
Nicknames: RD, Pinku, Dube
Hobbies: Playing cricket, football, badminton, running, athletics, reading novels, playing bridge etc etc...
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: When AK caught me in MuP lab playing bridge

Here is the stud from Pantnagar. How he finds the time and energy to do all the things he does, is still a mystery to me. Every now and then we get together for a game of bridge(actually many games of bridge) and would sleep only in the early hours of the morning. While all the rest would sleep till late the next day, this guy has the potential to go for the 8’o clock class the next morning and does this quite regularly.

He was the first person I met at IIT and since then we’ve been together. Besides being A good sportsman he is also a good brother(He likes his sis Aishwarya so much that he has painted his room with all kinds of posters) . He is such a good Bro that his well wishers have advised him to get a rakhii tied with the girl he likes (oh hmm …has crush on…).

He loves Bridge. Once with our great ‘Guns of Karakoram’ he participated in a Bridge competetion. But instead of bringing home the trophy (1st round mein out)…. Cards ki do teen gaddi udaaa lii…

I bet nobody can forget the way he used to laugh (Thanx to us he now laughs pretty decently) and wake up (Abhi bhi Jhatkey key saath as if got a 1000v shock). A good sportsman and one of the persons who made a difference to us with his supportive and take it easy attitude.

“Poonam Chibber” is a sportsman, in more than one way. I first saw him during the fachcha time, in the Kara v/s Jwala Badminton match. He was down 0-7, with 60 Jwalaites jeering at every oppurtunity. The way he back into the game, to level scores, was magnificent – one of the greatest feats of sportsmanship I have seen.

If he looses a bridge match to you, he’ll physically force you to accept that it was just by luck and actually, he was the real winner. Though i’ve spent small time with him and his Kara wing, i really wish i’d have been a member of their group. I wish all of them a great and exciting future!