BTech96.org is the home of the graduating class of 2000 from the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi (IIT-D). Since our batch entered IIT in 1996 our group had a mailing list called btech96@cse.iitd.ernet.in, hence the choice of name for our domain. Unfortunately we don’t have alumni from other departments on our page.

Over the years the activity on this page has worn down a bit, but it still remains our identity and one of the ways we stay connected. Here is a list of all things you will find here:

  • YearBook – This is frozen in time. Only changes of the following types are made to this:
    • Cosmetic changes, to align with the rest of this site
    • Removal / hiding of pages / comments based on requests from the people who own the page
    • Removal of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), at the request of the owner

    If you want to have some information hidden / removed, get in touch with Sayontan Sinha (Tantan) through the BTech96 mailing list.

  • Announcements – Announcements for the batch. We *try* to keep the updates at least monthly,
    but don’t always succeed in doing so
  • Etc. – Here you will find groups that tried to spice up life in BTech96.
    • SBI – A successor to the once famous M&D (do we detect a snicker?), this group, comprising of Vaibhav and Sayontan (Tantan) stopped reporting scandals as far back as 2001. However it now runs this site and sends out congratulatory wishes announcing birthdays and anniversaries when it feels like it. Do visit the page for SBI, though – there is enough to keep you laughing.
    • Pole Ling – An also-ran. Literally. It also ran 3 polls apart from a rather colourful website. Maintained in its heydays by Ashish Kapoor, Sachin Jain and Rohit Dube.