Sayontan Sinha

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After IIT: WebTek, Bangalore
Career Goal(s): Management
Nicknames: Tantan, Tanti
Hobbies: Western Classical Music, Quizzing, Creative Writing
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: 'Yeah Precisely!!'
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Sayontan Sinha on himself:

Writing about oneself is a very exalted task, particularly for a guy like me, who always writes about others. So let me continue with writing about others and let other guys write about me!

I’ll write whatever I have to through M&D. Nice to see some really good work being done. Keep the enthu going Tantan.

Undoubtedly, one of the most creative people in the department , Tanti happens to be from Hyderabad. Though,if you try to call him a maddu he will go to any extent to prove himself a bong the main reason being he doesn’t want to be bracketed in the same group as Vamsi. Always ready to give you a company to the hostel or lucky, Tanti is a very strange character in many ways. His kisse with all the females he gets to interact with are fun to listen to. It has been quite a number of times that he got to get close(not physically) to some dame or the other but Tanti being Tanti could never make it. Those who know him better know the reasons. His knowledge about all the trivia in the world and vocab are something you can always rely on. His articles are a pleasure to read though most of the time I end up yelling at him after reading his Roald Dahlish twists.

These days he is doing a part time job with M&D Web Publishing as a special correspondent and I hope he will keep writing with the same enthu.

Tanti is one really nice guy. And like Singhla said, he is usually high on enthu. Only thing is that this enthu is directed to all things other than academics! He’s a great at quizzing, writing and crosswords (and lots more that I’ve missed here). He has a GREAT GK and vocab. I (and many other Nilgiriites I think) owe him a lot for the number of times that he has helped us win our 100 bucks in audience quizzes. One thing about him is that he has a temper, and agar ise gussa aa jaye to yeh jaldi shant nahin hota. However, usually he is found with a blissful smile on his face.

A very generous (in giving help) guy. Even if he isnt able to solve your problem, he’ll give the right pointers and get involved in the problem himself. Then of course, he’s also one of the most discontent guys around (I gathered this from the numerous articles by him in Campus Rumpus). It was real fun to work with him for those BSP events during rendezvous.

Sayontan, here’s some sincere advice, don’t mind, why don’t u take up something like classical music or linguistics for PhD???

If I was to choose a picture for Sayontan to put on the yearbook,it would have been a “smiley”.The cheesy smile is self evident in the present snap as well.

It is always a pleasure to write about a great writer. Not content with witty writing, Tantan is a gifted singer. His most melodious words at music night came when somebody asked to dedicate three words to Kailash. Tanti piped up, “Jai Mata Di!”.

An EDLC and BSP buff, he can be found wherever words are being twisted around, whether it is inter-hostel events or events in Rendezvous. His disarming smile is always a welcoming feature of these events.

One of the nicest guys around. One of the best things about him is his willingness to listen to you. Another is his energy, though I have always felt he should channelize it more effectively and direct a part of it to acads. Among his strong points are badminton, quizzing and creative writing. Only today, I suggested that he and Vaibhav start a Publishing Company. “I have been thinking”,he replied. One of the reasons I “hate him” is because he loved the course, Art & Technology :-)

He can eat almost anything and I really mean it. So much so that he does not leave any bones in his chicken curry. His presence is always reassuring in a treat (provided u r not paying for it). All the excess food is directed towards him. This guy has loads of girlfriends in Baroda, but now some of them have become his sisters!!! His dancing style is unique and unimitable. I would really like to see him dance when he is ‘talli’, but after drinking he locks himself in his room (wonder why???).

Tanti and I had a weird experience in the first year… He challenged me to go and ask two girls dancing at the Podium to dance with us. My reward would be his income for the day (coupons of 10 bucks)…. I went to the girls and asked them if we could dance with them… They looked at each other first and then cast suspicious glances on Tanti. Then they said “Yes”. (Well, now I wish they hadn’t). We started dancing – the ulti local IIT way – and predictably, soon psyched them. They excused themselves and went away and I was pumping my fists in glory – it is very difficult to win a treat from Tanti :-). Friends of our hostel were thoroughly impressed by our escapade. Rendezvous ended that day. The next day we took a bus to the insti. Those two femme-fatales also boarded the same bus (they were daughters of some profs and were going to school). As soon as they saw us they started saying (loudly enough for us to hear) to their friends, “You know yaa, yesterday at the podium we met two dumbos who didn’t know how to dance. We had wholesome entertainment for quite some time” and giggled away to glory. And there the two of us hid our faces here and there:-((

The Creator, the Preserver and the … of this Yearbook.

All of us are aware how much Tantan shocked us with his 99% in AGRE. Liitle do we know how much the faculty are shocked. Read on …

Dr.Bajaj (UTexas) was talking to Thakkar and Dinakar about the app scene of IITD students in UTexas. Skapoor and Pkal were standing by.

Bajaj : Its difficult to give schols to IIT students as there are lot of Chinese who scored 99% in AGRE.
SKapoor asks Thakkar : Who got 99% here?
Thakkar : Kunal Talwar has got and ….. Sayontan Sinha has got
Skapoor and Pkal are stunned.
After some time Skapoor says : Sayontan Sinha !! I don’t think he did well in ADA
Pkal, still dazed : Sayontan Sinha !!!!!! I can’t believe this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thakkar : Don’t bother, Even he couldn’t believe

We all owe him a lot for the great efforts he’s put in and tremendous enthu he’s shown in creating this excellent piece of art.

What Mr. Sanil couldn’t teach me in two semesters, Sayontan clarified that in his one last sentence in his presentation of “Moral Literacy and Moral Choices” that for every argument made for a assertion in philosophy, there exists an equally strong argument against it. Thus, nothing is good or bad and hence, philosophy is nonsense. Never again, i’ll try to understand this subject more. Thanks for the eye-opener!

He is one of the persons in the dep who has carved a niche all his own. His creativity and energy is inspiring. The time, energy and care that he has put into this – our yearbook – is amazing. Years from now, when we’re grey and old, we’ll still have this, and remember – IIT, our friends, and the evergreen TanTan.