Rohit Jaivant Kate

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After IIT: UT Austin
Career Goal(s): God knows
Nicknames: Ktey, Kayte
Hobbies: reading stories, reading/watching cartoons
Fun stuff about Rohit Jaivant Kate:

I think Kate is one of the simplest and sincerest guys in our department. He’s also the one guy who always attends ALL classes and you can invariably see him sitting in the first row in every class. His notes are thus very useful to figure out just what the course contents are. I’ve often asked him on the day before some exam what chapters are in course, so that I could try to cover some of them. In many courses, I’ve had to ask him to explain just what I was supposed to do in making sw assignments, and he’s always taken the time to explain.

He epitomises dedication and consistency – I cannot remember a lecture in which he was not at the front bench taking notes, except the time Chanda & co. decided to occupy all the front seats in TOC class, to throw him back. His eloquence and fluency (and expressions!) in his presentation at IBM of his summer training project were revealing.

Kate can win people to his side simply by virtue of his sincerity and simplicity. When he had come to Nilgiri for NSS during the 1st year (he is attached to Nil, BTW), he was ragged by a few seniors who showed him quite a few objectionable things. Poor Kate was so terrified that he never came to Nil again for NSS.

I once asked him whether he has any girlfriend and whew!!, the verbal thrashing i received.. i have never asked him any improper questions(!!) again…Now that he is going among the beautiful girls at austin, i hope he would make plenty of them and i would never have to ask him the same question again..

He is one of the sincerest guy I have seen in my life. He attends all the classes sitting on the first bench except in TOC and AI. I have seen him coming on his bike umpteen number of times and hurrying towards the class even if there is sometime left for the class to start. Though he looks serious by looks, he regularly cracks jokes. He is also very regular in meeting me in the lab by coming to my side and standing there without uttering a word. Then when I turn towards him, he asks “Kya ho raha hai?”. I wish him good luck for his further studies.

Kate has been my partner in Mup & DHD. He got all the work done. He has a good sense of humour. He has even threatened me (not seriuosly) a couple of times!! He is very shy and people mistake it for seriousness. I think he needs to open up a bit.

Among the most helping and cooperative souls I’ve ever worked with. Working at IBM was cool with him. Ofcourse the Kate Panorama was shot there. And I must admit he has hidden histrionic skills which are obvious in the samples we took. And I guess he is the only guy from our department who is well known in UTA. It so happens that IBM have demonstrated a video where our Kate speaks to a speech given by Clinton. So I guess Kate wont have an Identity crisis at UTA. And I sincerely hope that he would not care for the first seat in the class…

His handwriting… i wonder he would have made a great doctor…but anyway he is no less stud a computer scientist.

I thought he was the biggest fighter in the world. But actually, he’s a pretty cool guy, very dependable, and very helpful. Best of luck at UTA – show them the stuff!