Kumar Neeraj Verma

Home on the Web: http://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~csu96139
After IIT: INRIA Rocquencourt, France
Nicknames: KNV
Hobbies: watching TV, movies, sleeping

Sometime somebody said ‘pagal hai s**la’. I couldn’t refute his claim.

This guy’s a major stud. And a nice guy. In the coming years, I predict yeh CS Theory mein phoda phadi machane waala hai. I did a mini project with him, so I can claim to know him a bit. He loves chocolates . A word of warning, KNV has a strange desire to disassemble any pen that he can lay his hands on, irrespective of its ownership. He also has this tendency to go through the pockets of ex minip partners, take out everything in them and distribute their contents to all and sundry. I guess ab mujhe chup ho jana chahiye, for the sake of my own safety :-)

Behind the facade of innocence, there lies a mischievious sense of humour and playfulness worthy of a resident of my wing. KNV has been a diligent proxy server – he is responsible for our wing passing in MA250.

His feats in TOC are legendary – the entire batch used to flock to listen to his solutions.

Tragically, his wingmates (me included) have had his influence on him, and now he hardly goes to classes and can be seen waking up for his weekly shave at 15:00. Perhaps he should be sent to Nilgiri for a sabbatical.

He found his heart’s desire during his training in France. Dumir & Co. were astonished to discover that he was taking a 10-km 5 franc detour to his workplace. KNV refused to travel by the shorter route suggested by Dumir. We do not know with who KNV used to rendezvous over that detour, but will publish her picture ince we find out.

If u have anything fit to be eaten and he spots u, either drop that thing or run as fast as u can…that is however not going to help u :-(

From his appearance as well as his talking style, one can never guess that he is such a stud in TCS. I still remember PH110* in the first sem in which i got the last year’s major paper but didn’t really know what to do with it. it was he who solved the entire paper and helped me to gracefully pass the course. since then he has helped me get through in nearly every theoritical paper.

Though after the sixth sem. he has become altogether different. now he can be seen waking up late in the afternoon and generally bunking classes. this has certainly worked to my disadvantage :)

Catching KNV taking a bath these days is much rarer than a solar eclipse. I talked to him on 3rd Feb and was informed that he had taken a bath only once in the new year till then.

A very helpful person but when he insists on breaking your pen or eating what u have, then u might try as much as u like, he won’t be affected.