N. Surender Reddy

Home on the Web: http://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~csu96170
After IIT: Purdue
Nicknames: Reddy

Now, if you can figure out when and why this guy laughs, other NP-hard problems can be solved as well.

This chat ‘Specialist’ is a regular nuissance at Rediff.com and exults with a time period of 10 minutes in FPGA lab – “Arre, yeh bhi pat gayee!!”.

When he went to Germany, he wouldn’t visit night clubs etc. because there are chances of getting AIDS.

He would not even consider preventive measures or double preventive measures as there are still .01 and .0001 chances respectively of getting infected.

But i’ve to admit that he is a stud. Only he can manage to audit a course (DIP) and score highest marks in the first minor and end up getting B grade to pass the course. And only he can tell at a glance of the 16 LEDs (in 8051 lab) that this is 215.45 but the answer should be 210.25. But his studapa is apparently of no use to his friends.

You ask him a question and his first sentence in answer will be: “Max puppy hai!” and the second and the final will be : ” Samajh gaya na.”
Finally, as random as the above recollections are, here is one which I witnessed, titled –
Reddy arguing and counterarguing at surd’s CD store (opp. Rainbow’s):
– Sixth Sense le leta hun!
– Nahin, koi sahi si leni hai.
– Shakepeare in love bhi acchi hai.
– Nahin to koi hindi bhi chalegi.
I said : Pushpak le le.
– Purani nahin, Taal lete hai.
– Abe, maine Haseena Man Jayegi nahin dekhi!
To shopkeeper: Bhai saheb, Rajaji hai kya?
Surd: nahin hai.
Finally the thing which was brought bore the title ‘Lucky Kabootar’.

If I was to confer the award of the most dramatically altered person at IIT, I would give it to Reddy without thinking twice. Earlier a person who was very shy, who never uttered a bad word, never drank and always looked at girls as though they were his sisters, Reddy is now far from his previous self. But at heart he still remains a very friendly person and underestimates his own abilities whenever it comes to acads. It was very tough convincing him to app high and inspite of my repeated attempts I couldn’t succeed fully in my endeavours. His genius is reflected in the fact that he received more or less open recos from almost all the people he asked.