Anuj Khare

Career Goal(s): Still not defined
Nicknames: Khare, Anju
Hobbies: Sports &Adventure Sports
Anuj Khare on himself:

I always face one problem – ‘shortage of time’. Even today I don’t have sufficient time to write about myself

Prof. Khare’s mystical and philosophical side showed itself before the OS quiz. While we were waiting for Suban to come, Prof. Khare was developing ingeneous (if not entirely honest) arguments by which Suban might be persuaded to postpone the quiz. A jarring note was struck by yours truly (spoilsport that I am) by informing them that Suban had taken the printout of the quiz, and had gone to the photocopier. Closing his book in despair, Prof. Khare intoned, “Sab moh maya hai…” Undoubtedly the most sagacious statement he has made in his career.

I really appreciate his attitude towards everything in life. This has helped him get a big set of “followers”. The amount of F’s he has saved is commendable …. I am sure Pankaj Mangal will agree to this.

All of us remember those days of the industrial trip when the memories of TOC were still fresh. In Bangalore, during one of our trips by bus, someone came up with the perennial question, “Matki kyon phooti? Urmilla kyon tooti?” Khare came up with this innovation, “Kyonki PCP is undecidable!!”

Anuj Khare !!! A man with weird habits and a golden heart.
Ask anyone in kumaon hostel what is the favorite passtime of khare & u will get similar answer from everybody. His histrionics in the CR room are well known. His sense of humor is unparalleled. If a new person is with him & witnesses his Nautankis he ‘ll feel like throwing him off the floor. But as one gets acquainted with him, he finds his presence very refreshing. Khare’s helpful attitude is well known & as Nanda has stated in his comments, I, sohi & Mangal owe our many D grades (take it in the +ve sense or to put it another way ‘woh D grades jinki ehmiyat hamare liye utni hoti thi jitni KT ke liye A+ grades ki na ho’) to him.

He’s one preson I really admire. He knows exactly what things are to be done and when. I’ve learnt a lot from his style of study. Another thing that I like about him is his frankness. I’ve never seen a person who never hides anything. He is bold enough to say everything that comes to his mind. I’m sure he’ll be successful in anything he’s sincerely trying for.