Nikhil Garg

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Career Goal(s): Honestly speaking - to be the CEO of my own company though I dont know with the kind of effort I put
Nicknames: Sir,motu,raka bhaiya
Hobbies: First and formost sleeping, then playing bridge, cricket , music,reading novels, traveling

O bhai, SIRJI ko gussa jab aata hai,
dharti phat jaati hai, aakash hil jaata hai.

When Zensaab has given the title of Chacha Chowdhary(*) to KT, let me suggest one for Sirji: ‘Saaboo’ of the batch(**).
*Chacha Chowdhary ka dimaag computer se tez chalta hai.
**Jab Saaboo ko gussa aata hai, to Jupiter pe jwalamukhi phutata hai.

Sir ki kya galti thi, Sir ne tau bas jump mara tha , unko kya pata ki wahan gaddha ban jayega.This rainy season that spot was having enough water , “Don’t go for bathe into that if you don’t know how to swim”

Sir as we call him is quite a different specie altogether (Ever heard of Pachyderm). Yes a different specie. He likes to sleep and is only person (besides me, ofcourse) in out of musically illiterate seven who listens to sensible music. Be it his style of walking or his talking in pure Lucknowy Andaaz. Very few people know that He is guru of our beloved (or otherwise) Mr. Vaish. Vaish and he are from the same school and Vaish used to come to him to get problems solved, and that too in Mathematics.

He loves chatting and with nicks like ‘Deliwaale Dulhania Ley jayenge’ he likes to make ‘Sisters’ on net and also call them up(He once even called to US). Further We all remeber the great fall he had. Once after struggling on quite a heavy assignment He along with sachin jain tried to maaro a shortcut by jumping from the parapet connecting 5th and 6th block. Sachin Jain landed safely but Our Sir had a crash landing (a Belly landing would be better). Wahaan per ab ek badaa gaddhaa ban gayaa hain jahaan bahut plants grow kar gayyen hain. I think ab jyaadaa aur kuchh nahin kahhongaa ow HE’ll get angry. Aur jab sir ko Gussa AAtaa hian to WO IGNORE MODE mein chaaley jaatey hain.

Anyway he is one of our inseperable friends who’ll always be remebered for his helping attitude, Dependability and that million dollar smile.

He is the gentle giant of the department. Very soft at heart, not at all obvious from his body structure, he is one of the most helpful and senti guy I have met in IIT.

Sir, as we lovingly call him, can easily get the award for the person with the most inertia in the department both with regards to the surface area and his habits. He won’t do anything that requires even a bit of effort or would at least try to postpone it till the very last moment. A glaring example is his app. form for the Arizona univ. which would reach there earliest by the 14th of this month(15th is the last date). And his nakhraas whenever requested to play bridge are quite famous in Kara.(why not, he is from Lucknow u see).

Sir’s experience with chat has been the most interesting, even more interesting than he himself realises. Ask him and he would say that he doesn’t get senti about any girl in that particular way. But may be he has forgotten a certain girl whom he went to meet at Rainbows(To Karaites it was obvious that something was cooking as he took a bath that morning). Alas, he was the only one to reach Rainbows as the girl that Sir got senti on, was only an online creation, its hard copy didn’t exist. Ask him and he would most confidently say that he knew it from the very beginning or would go into his now famous OFF MODES when our Server goes down. Whose invention it was must be kept a secret for the health of that creative person.

Ask Sir about his school and you will see his face lighting up, a hint of a smile on his face and you better get ready for a long lecture on what his school is like. Max senti hai yaar apne school par. Ek din ek ek ko pakar kar apne school ke photographs dikhae the.

His takiyaclaam so as to say is ‘Abey Ch……’ However this is statement of his is now most often met with ‘Sir aap to bahut bare ch…….. hain’

Sir ki baatein or Sir ke karm are altogether two different things. Rainbows waala kissa to u ppl now know of. Well, this person is going to visit a “friend” of him in an undisclosed location this weekend(14th Jan). Now that place is quite far from Delhi, that is all that I can tell. Also let me tell that none of his wingmates in Kara had heard of this so called “friend” before. This plan was finalised after a mysterious chat session barely a week ago. I have been under tremendous pressure from him not to disclose this but i think this was just too much for me to keep upto myself. By the way Dube, his confidante in adventures like this, was also to accompany him to a metropolitan, also to meet his “friend” who was alone at home and feeling “lonely”

Here is a person who would attribute anything silly that he does to his mood. One day, he was “working” in MSL in Dube’s account. I found him downloading Yahoo pager which was already present Dube’s account. When asked why was he downloading it again, the reply was: “Yaar mujhe bhee pata hai ki para hai. Bas aise he mann kar raha tha !!!!”