Gagan Singla

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After IIT: Job - yet not sure which one!!
Career Goal(s): Can't Say - a cool life probably
Nicknames: none that i know of
Hobbies: talking, eating, sleeping,.....etc.
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: i think it will be most embarassing to write about one....
Gagan Singla on himself:

What can I say about myself……. these four years in the department have been a very satisfying experience…… There has been lot to remain with me forever……….
Anyway some comments on what others have said about me……..
Sayontan, frankly I myself have forgotten that incident in the CSC in the second year… you know I believe in “Neki kar, darya me daal”……. And Khandekar….. you said I “never find” but I think I have now…. And coming to my fourth year I believe that the student you are talking about is “our” student………… Haldar, seems you don’t want to give the treat that is due……. Mayank, come on, cooooool yaar, am I that bad????……….thats all I have…..
Thanx to Sayontan for this wonderful work…..thanx again

This is something that Ahuja forgot to mention. When Ahuja, Mohit and I got caught in the CSC during our second year (refer Agni’s page), Agni was not the only one responsible for saving our skin. Gagan Singla was there too. How I have thanked God and Singla for it!!

This guy is definitely the iron pillar of the batch. I will never forget the cool, calm and logical way in which he extricated himself from that DISCO trouble in PL, in a situation which would have broken down any normal person. I can’t admire him enough for that show of grace under adversity.

He always has his fundas clear, and knows exactly what he’s doing and where he’s going, and is never distracted. And always has a listening ear and kind words. He is and will remain a great person.

This is one person I’ve known very well in last four years. He has great `momentum’. He is always found walking very fast and looking for something he never finds. He can keep talking for hours together. In first few years of his IIT stay, he was a very seedha-saadha boy. But after working as a finance secratary for a few events like Tryst and Rendezvous, he started learning new traits of life. In the fourth year, he has spent most of his time solving (and teaching) math problems to a JEE student … (Khare, his poor BTP partner, would know this better than anybody else).

One of my first acquaintances in the department. I have been fighting with this chap ever since our first year, but somehow even after the worst fight we come together. In this last semsester somehow (I know why) this chap has gone mad. Its pretty hard to track him when you want to talk to him now. The best memories are all the hardware pracs which we did together, especially the microprocessor one in which we….chip…
He is one of the most selffish person I have known, a fighter (cheap one I guess), but still a friend nonethelss.

I like his “goal oriented” nature. He has been a constant source of advice for me. I will always remember the time when we went together by train. I am impressed by his teaching skills.