Mukul Kumar

A chat session during summer traning:
“Aur masti aa rahi hai?”
“MAX, French log max mast hote hai, pike pade rahte hai. Koi kaam nahin karna hota.”
“Koi bandi patai?”
“Haan yaar, kal uske saath movie dekhne gaya tha, Shakespeare in Love. India mein censored rahti hai par yehan sab kuchh allowed hai.”
(Doubt: iski aukat?)
“Aur kaun tha saath mein?”
“DP tha, Sunder tha, Gautam tha, bandi ki maa thi,uski aunty and uncle the.”
(Excerpt from an editorial in ‘Sandhya Times’ published from B-Sen wing, ARA) You might get an impression of ‘Master’ very different from what I have from the above description. My impression of him is that among all the people I know of our department, he is THE one with the highest count of grey cells and he is really cool.

Ah! How could I miss this: If he would have stayed for one more semester, the juice shop would have gone bankrupt. Ask him why?

Now, a great revelation:
This criminal minded person under the guidance of some thakur conspired to throw Mr. Vaish and Mr. Kate out of the train, while going on Industrial Trip just to improve his DR. But by great luck, those two unsuspicious guys got their bogey changed and thus still we get our labs well managed and lecture notes (well) written for the missed classes. Happy ending!!

A never ending source of PJ’s !!! They all go like this:

There was … Ha Ha Ha Ha…………………. (That’s it ???????)

He is very intelligent and yet very cool……