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Career Goal(s): Replacing Bill Gates
Nicknames: Jain
Hobbies: Time pass with friends, Long drive, chatting and many more
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: That in 4 years I could't make a single morning 8:00am class in time
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Sorry…no idea

Kaha jata hai , aisa btp partner, jo hazaron mein ek ho, kisi kisi ko hi naseeb hota hai ;-)

This is a reply of one of the assignment submissions of zensaab:

Subject: Re: CS$$@N

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Sachin Jain wrote:

> Helo Sir,
> I’m again mailing my second assignment.
> Please use “tar -zxf csu96160.tgz” for unzipping the file.
> Please mail me in case you face any problem (though i
> hope not) ragarding my assignemtn
> Thank you.
> Sincerely,
> Sachin.

You appear to be incapable of following the simplest instructions, and
should probably get a zero for this assignment.

Last chance.


Thakur saheb, aapne mere baare mein kuchh achcha nahin likha… aisa kya…chalo likh deta hun… zensaab ek bahut hi bhole bhale, imandar, sincere, good-at-heart, stud, bhale-manas, hoshiyar, pyare, dulaare, achche, smart, good-looking, etc nahin hain… sorry… HAIN.

If anything can match Manchu’s love for his car then its perhaps ZenSaab’s love for his bike. He would do a lot of things for you, bas don’t ask him to give you his bike. And if u are on the back of his bike then hold tight, u r about to become a firm believer in God.

Last year, when we went to Goa, only Zensaab had driven a bike before and when we returned it was only he( and ofcourse the poor pillion rider) who were injured(I was quite lucky as I had just swapped my position with that poor guy) Ofcourse, it was no fault of his. After our friends were given the proper medical treatment, he still drove to Anjuna. And while returning from Anjuna he was again the front runner. When quizzed why was he driving so fast, a sincere reply came ‘Yaar wo beech beech mein neend aa rahee thee, so I thought ki jaldi se pahunch jata hoon’ After he joins his job, a tushnee bike would be one of his first purchases.

Believe it or not this guy has got X-ray vision or so he claims. Seeing any girl he can claim with full confidence what she is or rather what she is not wearing.

Some of his favorites :- “Mein to vision ka banda hoon” (Suban or Thakur would like to comment on that)

“Waise bhee mere paas bandiyon ki kami naheen hai” More recently this has changed to:
“Yaar, mein to in sab baaton se uppar uth chuka hoon”

He was once(may be even now) senti on a particular girl for whose initials most of the people in IIT fight for. This has been left a bit cryptic so that I don’t become another one of Jain’s ‘psyche’ victims.

When it comes to talking about drinking isse bara stud naheen milega. In a minute you would be convinced that he is much more experienced than you. Magar jab practical ki baat aatee hai to kya batain. ek do peg ke baad hi “Yaar kuch azeeb se feeling ho rahee hai” Or phir kuch he der mein puke that has now become a characterstic end to his drinking session.

An interesting guy from our wing, troubled us all for 4 years with a very irritating whistle (he thinks of himself as one the best whistlers around) and a somewhat loose temper. You think he is playing “mera joota hai japani” and he will ask you “how well did I play ‘aye mere dil tu gaye jaaa’ “. Also ,he thinks he is a very good batsman but so far in four yrs he hasn’t scored more than 5 runs in cricket matches, once he even had the dubious distinction of not being able to hit a ball even once in 5 innings and 4 hrs of play!!!

Jain bechare ka dil bahut saaf hai. Usse pata hi nahin chalta ki log kab usse gaali de rahe hain aur kab usse khush ho ke baat kar rahe hain. Hua yoon ki hostel main Jain ki window se Ber Sarai ke kuch ghar deekhte hain. Ab usme rahne aa gayi ek max **** si ladki. Hum sab max happy hua, usse dekhdekh ke khoob haath waath hilaye ,usne bhi apparently haath hilaya (that’s what we thought initially).

Kuch din baad Jain ko jaana tha ghar. Wing main cricket khatam kar ke wo packing ke liye andar gaya (usne as usual koi ball touch nahin ki thi). God knows what transpired between him , the girl and girl’s sister-in-law but he came out very happy from his room and said “abe aish aa gayi, wo bandi to pat gayi, usne mujhe dekh ke max haath hilaya, max baatein ki mujhse aur mere chashme ke baare main bhi koi comment kiya (he claims that he wears a frame designed by CK or Gucci) “. Humne bhi kaha ,wah yaar jain ,tu to cracky nikla,phod diya and what not….. Jain saab to ghar chale gaye. Next day warden came in our wing inquiring about C-48,Sachin Jain and on discrete inquiries, we came to know that the girl in question had complained to the warden that someone from C-48 made obscene gestures to her, she had even said that ‘maine to us chashme waale ko khoob galiyan bhi dein’. So at least uski chashme waali baat to sahi hi thi!!!

He rides the bike like a hawk but he is always a #$@#$ to me. Well this describes our zip zap zoom. God help you if by any chance you happen to sit behind this dude. Only guy I have met jiskaa ek month mey 2 baar challan huaa. And listen to the fundaes he gives to the Policeman: ‘Arrey bhai sahaab mainey galti sey us side waali green light ko apni side ki light samajh baitha.’ And whistling he does.. is torture to all of us. But ever since Dube has commented on his whistling in our YearBook we have been spared. Well I must also confess that I have been a partner to all the fun and pun he has made on people (with due apologies to Sir..). Further I still remeber our great Voronoi Diagram project we started in Summers of 98 (well still havent started as yet) which helped Zensaab tremendously in his training pursuits.

Well, one of my close friends. And I must say, boy he can read my mind. One of my companions in leg-pulling be it Sir or….never mind (can be any poor soul…maybe you). And what fun it is. I just love the way the things workout. And I must also admit that ‘Jo Jain kaaa Dushman, Wo Meraa Dushman’ and vice versa. And sure knows how to live life to the fullest. A great cricket and movie buff. With this person you cant ever get bored…… Bus ek baat aajkal yeh meri leney lag gaya hai.