Pankaj Kant Jha

After IIT: Aditi Tech, B'lore
Career Goal(s): Woods are lonely dark and deepBut i have promises to keepAnd miles to go After i sleepAnd miles to go zzzzzzzZZZZZZNNN
Nicknames: Chachu
Hobbies: Cricket, snowboarding and white water rafting.
Pankaj Kant Jha on himself:

Aadmi hoon Aadmi se pyaar karta hoon (No pun intended)

Understand Chachu is equally hard as understanding the concept of “NP-completeness”(at least for me). A brilliant guy who spent almost Two-thirds of his life in IIT in his hostel, frequently paying visits to SASI di dhaba and rarely ( hardly ever after his 2nd yr) inspecting Insti. Whenever I meet him the first words I always hear are… ” Aur Murli … sutta marega? aaj koyi class attend ki?”.

This chap is cute and always showed interest in listening to “senti kissas” of others ( but he dreams only of his MATHS) . He had always been with me right from the first year (although we were independent in bunking the classes, bunking minors etc etc..) and remained an intimate friend of mine .

Chachu frequently says: 1. kalse classes attend karte hain! 2. kal ka slotting pattern kya hai.3.abhi masti maarte hain,,,, achieve karne keliye tho zindagi bachi hui hain!

A great man, especially for solving maths problems. His no-nonsense attitude towards Prof. Ramamurthy was an education.