Suman Kumar

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Career Goal(s): MS/PHD(as of now)
Nicknames: chumman kumar
Hobbies: Reading Books(esp detective, adventure) & painting used to be my favorite hobbies but somehow stopped it since long.. all time hobbies include listening to music, talking, making friends, playing games(Chess, Carroms, TT, Badmention, Cricket...). Four things which I never get tired of:
1. Eating Chocolates..I can eat tons of them
2. Music is in my blood and I never stop humming songs..songs I hum convey my mood at that time
3.Talking. If I get a good company, a good match I can't stop talking..some even consider me a chatter box for this reason.
4. When it gets into my head I can go on playing till I am unable to stand.
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: ??
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Suman Kumar on himself:

Hum honge kamyaab ek din
Oh oh manme he vishwas, pura he vishwas
Hum honge kamyaab ek din………..

The earlier comment on him by me was my reflex action on knowing that there is something on which I could write abt him because he was so fond of Ravi Sagar that I wonder whether there is more than friendship between them:-( I know him from 2nd year onwards. I have spent quite a time with him. We have talked abt everything from academics to religion to ethics. He is very dominating and arguing fellow. He has been publicised as most dissatisfied and angry young man which is quite true. Though I like his self-confidence despite being criticised by many. Whenever it is said that he has not many friends, he is quick to reply that he has so many firends which includes girls too. He is very helpful and caring too.   On professional front he is very ambitious and is doing his best to achieve what he wants to. Nowadays, he talks to me only when he has no terminal and wants to check mail. Once when he came to me, before him saying anything I refused to lend him term. to check mail. He got angry and told me that he will never talk to me again. But I immediately apologized which I never meant but he accepted. I wish him worst of badluck for his further adventures.

This is the guy who i fear most. I have been a victim of hearing his long one-sided lectures about morality, behaviour pattern, religion etc, while standing with our bicycles at T crossing in front of Kara. The first time i encountered him was through his lecture on why i was misbehaving with him. He gave me a complete thrashing for twenty minutes without giving me a chance. Then i asked what i had done. He said that i stuck a paper tail on his back, which was perhaps a Gautam gang scheme. After the confusion was cleared, we became friends, which i still regret for i had to bear some more such lectures.

One day, he comes to me and says -‘pata hai, main tere se pichchle do mahine se baat kyun nahin kar raha tha?’
I said-‘mujhe to pata hi nahin tha ki tu mere se baat nahin kar raha tha’.
Another of his lengthy lectures followed. He was angry because sometime during summer training, i made a pass that ‘Suman Kumar, you pretend to be good, while you’re not’.
BTW, i think he is a nice guy after subtracting his boring lectures from him.

He is one of the most helping guys I have known…. I like his attitude to believe in himself…

Resume` of Suman Kumar

  1. Rarely do I like people
  2. Rarely do people like me
  3. I show great interest in doing courses under Moshu(Including MiniP &BTP)
  4. I put in tremendous fight to take people to churches, but all my efforts go in vain
  5. I’m totally Eccentric( Don’t redden ur eye ..pls… as u always do)
  6. ExtraCurricular activities include …Exploring labs,Insti & Hostel(s) for RAVI SAGAR
  7. Won many awards like ANGRY YOUNG MAN of ’96 batch

A most misunderstood soul (even he himself hasn’t managed to understand himself!!), he must be the one with the max grudges against others in the dept. All the same, he is helpful, and very gullible too (it was amazing to see him being taken for a ride by Harsh for ADA last sem). Hey Suman, relax a bit, and take a more positive attitude towards your depis!