Tarkeshwar Thakur

Home on the Web: http://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~csu96171
After IIT: Novell
Career Goal(s): Currently joining Novell, later on MS/MBA (btw, do witness therocketing rise of Thakur Inc. in near future)
Nicknames: Thakur, Taru
Hobbies: Movies, reading anything, bridge, tennis(recently started) etc.
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: Too embarrassing to share or to pass as censored

Abey thakur tera haath kahan hai…….. This name doesn’t suit him.He don’t have courage to act like a thakur(you can analyze well by seeing any movie of Mithun Dada). Tau phir thakur taru ban gaya. He is a nice person and having rural background he shares alot experiance with me except academic. Well some time he seems to be confusing but one can only judge him after being in his contact. Abey yaar sunn………..

He is one of the very few guys who knows and understands me somewhat… I like this guy for his naughtiness, coolness as well as – seriousness(?? well sometimes).

DR Hungry :
This is a incident which took place at Banglore where we had a nice boating.The boat in which stud “THAKUR SAAB” was sitting also had some more studs even stud then thakur himself (as he felt) which included our current DR-2 and DR-3 .When the boat was in the middle of the lake this stud chap mummered something like this “YAAR AAJ AGAR YEH BOAT DOOB JAYE TO MERI DR KAAFI UPAR HO JAYEGI “.
I myself do not know why he assumed that he was the only one who knew swimming . And I am sure even if such an incident had happened then thakur would not have been the first person to be saved by batchmate ,after all our department too have followed “the ladies first” …………………….

Here is a person who is never short of enthu. He is one of the very few of us who does everything (ok atleast most of the things) so as to learn. If you discuss your future goals regularly with thakur you will be amazed by the sheer frequency of changes in his future goals, first it was civil services, then MBA, MS and now with the launch of his Thakur Entertainments, who knows what lies ahead. A very hard working guy, I guess its none other than him who doubts his ability.

One thing must be mentioned about him. He used to visit Kara quite regularly to meet Para before an unfortunate incident happened. Well I won’t speak about it now, but photographs are available with Dube for whomsoever is interested ( May be he can put it up on his home page)

This person is decency personified. Always polite and helpful, it’s a pleasure working with him in the lab.

So here is my BTP partner. I did’t want to dare to write about him but as he insisted so here are my some small obeservations about him. Thakur Saab is quiet a character. Undoubtly,one of it’s type. This guy can be dull for a moment and extremely happy in the next. He has so many future plans which keep chaniging every moment that it’s really hard to guess whether he’ll be selling goods in a shop or managing Thakur Inc. as CEO in future. He can be everything…really.

Well…on the front of our(yaah our) BTP there is nothing much encouraging to reveal. Just this much…that we are quiet a pair. And strong contenders of receiving the BTP pair award this year.

And ofcourse, it was really a pleasure to work with him in the AI lab. There are 3 SGI machines in the lab. And to make his stay more enjoyable he used to bring two other guys from his Ara hostel and make them sit on SGI machines and then all used to enjoy playing Doom. With his such (mal)practices he had become champ in Doom. After that he started picking guys arbitrary from outside lab and made them play Doom. And after level heading them in few minutes…he used to shout “Ch.. diya, ch.. diya”.
Such were the modes of pleasure of this guy.

When he’s in the comapany of Reddy and Mukul then all these guys just get transmitted into some new world…and if i’m in the lab then I have to leave the lab immediately. Once he invited his Ara friends at AI lab during night…and then he closed the lab door from inside and switched on the music at full volume. Don’t worry.. nothing sexual about it.Just keep reading.

Then he switched on the camera and made a complete movie of there dance which lasted for few hours. Evidence of this incident are still pasted in his room…such is the audacity of this guy.

Again as I said… quiet a character.

He is one the most sincere…intelligent…and very considerate guy..One more thing I know about him, which I think others are unaware of…is his recent crush……..(!!!??? kyoun thakur….)