V. Vamsi Krishna

After IIT: University of Texas at Austin for MS/PhD
Career Goal(s): Nothing specific
Nicknames: maddu,muddi (courtesy tantan)
Hobbies: watching TV, sleeping, reading anything at hand

Well , to write something about Vamsi is always a refreshing thing atleast for his wingmates. Whenever there is a conversation about Vamsi , we always end up either laughing or irritating Vamsi (which of course is more fun). The guy is popularly known as muddi which Tanti somehow managed to extract out of his name after numerous twists and turns which only he can explain. The most embarrassing moment came for him when Tantan referred to him as Muddi down in Madduland (Bangalore).The ganda fighter of the department gets all his assignments done by Dinky or TVReddy both of whom are maddus. Except acads only other things that attract muddi’s attention are IIT females majority of whom happen to be regular visitors of Intel lab. Nobody but muddi can find a 30 machine lab to be romantic.

This is a really hit incident. It dates back to those days when we were slogging out things for JEE. Muddi and Dinks happened to be neighbours. During one of the nights, Dinks went to sleep early and his sister was awake, watching TV. Our dear friend Muddi looked out of his window and saw that Dinky’s lights were on. Convinced of the fact that Dinks was slogging so late at night, he turned green with envy (I guess you can imagine how he would look when he became green). Determined to do better, he slogged throughout the night. What happened later is by now an oft repeated act in history. He again became the butt of jokes of guys around.

Vutukuroo is the punching bag of our wing. We have perenially picked on him, whenever we were bored, had nothing better to do, or were just concerned about his faltering IQ.

With him around, one can never be down in the dumps long.

What I’m telling you is just the tip of iceberg…..
It was few days ago when I came to AI lab. I had already sensed (smelled) that Vamsi is sitting inside. I came inside and switched on the computer. Then suddenly Vamsi comes up with this query “Oye jain, yaar tu mujhe aise kyon dekhta hai. Meri phut jaati hai.” Well…because of whatever sharm i’m left with , I said ” nahi aisi koi baat nahi.”
What I could’t say that day , I’m taking this oppotunity on the behalf of whole btech96, to suggest some remedy for him to cure my “those” stares “VAMSI……PLEZZZZ YAAR!!! MONTH MAY KUM SE KUM 1 DIN TO NAHA LIYA KAR”

Think of it … I have been his neighbour for 6 years now!! I can safely say that you ppl have got it all wrong. vamsi’s a nice guy n good friend except that he can be irritating at times … hmmmm some times … na most times .. a well, I agree, all times ;-) He has hidden talents like his singing, for which I have often been the lone , hapless victim. When compared to such intense torture as his singing, I am sure one would prefer another course under moshu. I think this guy with all his fighter qualitites is bound to go quite far only if he starts making his own decisions, instead of running around asking for advice.

What can I say abt him? One nice guy to have in your neighbourhood .. He has a hidden talent for singing .. hope it remains hidden for the rest of his life :) .. A fighter of the first order .. hehe .. I surely am going to miss the wonderful (?) times in the polymer chemistry course we did together ..
With his fighter abilities, I’m pretty much sure he’ll do well wherever he goes ..

Muddi, Dummy, Reddy and Munshi and myself come to the lab one night to have a xblast session. Except for Muddi all of us got a term in the MCL lab, and Muddi had to find a term in Intel lab. When the game started all of us (MCL guys) started bombing Muddi unanimously. In all the games of that session Muddi was the first person to be killed, and all of us in MCL were having a hard time stoping our laughter.
This is just one of the incidents when almost everyone has a real good time making fun of Muddi. But sometimes things do go beyond control. The other asset that Muddi has is his ability to do wonderful cacophony. As rightly pointed out by Aedla, its a hidden talent and needs to be hidden.

Many times he looks like a great researcher, pondering over research papers while lost in deep thoughts or having 10-20 netscapes open on each of his workspaces each about the field of his “research”.

Recently, i got an offer from Hughes for re-interview after they rejected me in the Campus recruitment. I approached Vamsi for writing for me a reject letter as i was no more interested in the offer. The expert suggested the following:

Dear Madam ,

Thank you for the opportunity to join HSS. But I regret to inform you
that I will not be joining your firm.

I have applied to many other good firms to join after after my graduation. And, although yours ranks high among them, I’m afraid that you failed to qualify.

Elimination under my system doesn’t mean that you are not qualified to employ other fine young men and women. It merely reflects the high calibre of firms competing for my acceptance. However if you wish to impress me regarding your firm, I think I can give you another chance. I will not able to come to the interview on 28th. I have my end-sem exams during that week, and I cannot afford to miss them. But I can wiggle out some time after my exams, ie., in the first week of May. You can come to IITDelhi and take my interview then.

Please confirm per return email, your availability to take the interview, as I have to schedule my engagements accordingly.

Best wishes,

my name

May be, they should add another course in training HR professionals, VT172N: How to face Vutukuru Rejects without getting psyched?