Dinakar S Rao D.

Home on the Web: http://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~csu96127
Career Goal(s): i'll let u know when i know it/them myself
Nicknames: Dinky, Dinks
Hobbies: reading, sleeping

Polite indifference, unruffled calmness and shrewd intelligence are the characteristics of this guy. He is one of the few people whom I can safely say is not a fighter. A staunch believer in the “Save Energy” slogan, he diligently implements it by making minimum use of his mind and body and frequently indulging in “relaxing” his euphemism for sleeping. He has clear cut fundas on life in general and I learned quite a lot from him.

Dinki’s (Dink for short) career reached its peak during his summer training. According to what he told Vutukuroo in an email, he finished his allotted project in two days, and went on to study the intricacies of various computer games. His boss caught him, and gave him another project in VC++, knowing fully that Dink knew nothing about VC++. But, as Dink profoundly observed, his boss did not know he was the “king of cut and paste.” Two days later, Dink had resumed his researches in games.

This is one guy I’m gonna miss a lot .. He is one of the smartest guys I’ve known .. and he is one guy who believes in conservation of energy (like he truly says abt sleeping being one of his hobbies) .. I would never have passed the hardware courses without his “help” ;) and ofcourse I’m gonna miss the times we used to pull Vamsi “muddi” Vutukuru’s leg ..

He is certainly Mr.Cool of Jwala. I have never seen him being rushed or getting nervous at the prospect of the coming exam.

This is the coolest one.

He is a real stud too. He completed the mini-p (with me) fullly on his own. Only he could make out of the stuff called SUIF. For those with less CGPAs, he can be a good example: that see CG is not an indication of how good and talented you are.