Hit Photos

Can any other SysAdmin beat this? The one at Artifical Intelligence can SCRATCH BEHIND HIS EAR WITH HIS FOOT! (Talk about who needs artificial supplements of Intelligence!!!!)
Photo Courtesy: Anshul Sood
Kate – A Masterpiece
Photo Courtesy: Ashish Kapoor
Rohit Khandekar – Miss B. Tech ’96

Photo Courtesy: Sayontan Sinha

Rohit Khandekar – Bare All, Dare All
Photo Courtesy: Avneesh Sood
Ashish Ahuja – A New and Improved Look
Photo Courtesy: Sachin Jain
Jain in Triplicate – The First Human to be Cloned
Photo Courtesy: Sachin Jain
Animals in Action – Standing, left to right: Shivaji, Dube, Mahajan, Rusty, Dummy, Vaish, Tantan, Ahuja.
The horizontal animal in the centre: Monkey
Photo Courtesy: Vaibhav Vaish