Avneesh Sud

Home on the Web: http://www.cse.iitd.ac.in/~csu96126
Career Goal(s): Where's my million ... and then some!
Nicknames: Sud, Avi
Hobbies: Meta Carpal Syndrome, Plug-IT Boot-IT SleepWith-IT, Glib gab, Cable
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: uh..oh :*)
Fun stuff about Avneesh Sud:

Avneesh has displayed many facets of his diverse personality. While on our trip, he came to our bedroom one night, and his words of witty wisdom had us spellbound. Whoever dared to make any statement received a nifty rebuttal from Avneesh. We asked, “Avneesh, kya hua – aaj sabka kaat arhe ho ?” To which the sage confessed, “This is the result of having x pints of beer inside me”.

A colorful person as Sud is, he certainly deserves to be more written about. For the past few months, he has been deeply engrossed in the apping business. While results started pouring, and he was one of the few (five or so) left to get a schol, and his sucks didn’t seem to deliver. He turned to God for help. He undertook at least two pilgrimages, one to Vaishno Devi and the other to Rishikesh. It probably turned out to be an overkill, for he then had a real tough time choosing amongst his schools. Many of us, Sulabh in particular, were frustrated by his tales about UNC and Gatech, work at the two places, the faculty there, the loooong mails he recieved from the profs., the seven mails from Bando, the mascots of the two univs, there distance from other places (and surprisingly, the distance between the two places), the two cities, the casinos at Atlanta. And the same tale was told to Anshul, Chussad, Ahuja, and probably to all his girlfriends, and Salsa partners. His final decision, it is said, was affected by a large number of factors, including the homepage of a (female, of course) student at UNC, night life at the two places and Kate’s decision !

Maana hum me dum nahin, par harampanthi mein hum kam nahin…..kyon Sud??… The guy moves as if a tractor is moving with both front wheels going in diff. directions and when he laughs u get a feeling as if only his shoulders are laughing… :-)

After his schols, ppl in US univs are scared of him. He has been flooding their mailboxes with the strangest and most absurd queries. But all this has proven fruitful for him as he has already ‘chato’ a firang bandi and she is taking considerable interest in him (this itself tells us what sort of a girl she must be). All of us are fairly accustomed to see a hyper active Sud, late in the night, working (and chatting) in the lab. And after this guy gets drunk anything can happen!!! To this day Kalia must be remembering Sud’s ‘expression of friendship’ in front of TGIF.