Alok Ranjan

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Career Goal(s): Lost my all goals in IIT, have to
Nicknames: ask anyone other than yourself
Hobbies: bridge,bridge+chat,cricket,and ........are yaar ye...
Alok Ranjan on himself:

Are yaar phir se tapak gaya,F……… slot mein.F slot means literally fukka for me.Except that for you there is no slot which needs much care and that means I always have lots of time for you.I don’t have habit to mug up easy courses and get good grades and I can not get good grades in tough courses. So what do you expect from me.hah……….

‘Pada’, what suits him better?

I still remember us planning to change our department together in the first year, but forgot why we didn’t. Though we call him ‘para’ (lovingly, of course!!), he is a person with a very soft heart (like of chicken). Since good people always succeed in their lives, i hope the same will apply to him despite all the setbacks he faced at IIT.

Para(‘r’ as in Anari), as we all call him, is a very shy guy(he may not look so and most definitely not sound so, if u talk to him for the first time). He has this habit of brushing his teeth about 5 times a day. It was later known that it wasn’t out of any genuine concern for his teeth rather it was bcos of the taste of the toothpaste(for details contact him)

His language skills are quite exceptional. Be it his pronunciation( Ask him to speak Para) or his unusual terminology and phrases like ‘Kala Paan’,’Paida ho liya’,’Pakar-Pakar ke c….’ and many more.

All in all he is a very lovable guy, very friendly and playing bridge with him is great fun(though what happens to him in tournaments is all together a different issue)

Waise is bande ko barbaad karne mein mera bhee poora yogdaan raha hai. Meine hi ise pehle bridge or phir chat maarna sikhaya tha. May be i should look at the positive side, as because of these two activities he is at least seen in the lab.

Now here’s one guy who has never cleared a slot F course in one go. It’s more or less 20 sutri karyakram. A very nice guy to have in your wing. Loves to play cricket but itna weight hai ki jhukna mushkil padta hai (inertia ke funde yaar). Hua yoon ki khelte hue Jain ne ek max sexy dive maar ke ball roki. Ab bhala hamara Para kyon peeche rahta? Theek agli ball maari gayi Pare ke direction main. Pare ne ball ko aise dekha jaise sher apne shikar ko dekta hai. Aur agle ek minute main Para jameen ki dhool chaat raha that aur ball usse kareeb dus metre dur se boundary paar kar gayi. Para bechara Jain ko emulate karne ke chakkar main bina ek bhi kadam hile dive maar ke gir chooka tha!!! Aur usse poocha ki kya hua bhai to rata rataya jawab aaya ‘yaar inertia jyada hai’!!!!!!!!