BTech96 Across the World

A couple of days back I received an email from one of our batchmates requesting for the coordinates of another. To do some tests with the Google Maps API I went ahead and pulled together this: Please give it a try. You can see if you are listed there or not. It has the locations only of 28 people so far. You can run a search for your name / nickname / entry number.

I would like to update the coordinates of all folks in the batch, so please send them across to me. Just the city and state you are currently in should be good enough. If you believe your listing is incorrect, please notify me of the same.


Birthdays and Anniversaries for December

Hope folks in the US had a good Thanksgiving weekend. Most of my (Tantan’s) wingmates from Nil landed up in Vegas for a reunion and had a blast. Of course, fortunes in the casinos fluctuated wildly from the disastrous to the most impressive, ensuring that the house always won – the casino in some cases and Nilgiri in the others.

We are all getting older and the following people have crossed another milestone. Happy Birthday to you!

  • Shruti Dixit (Mrs. Alok Manchanda)
  • Amar Singhal
  • Sharad Mittal
  • Kapil Verma
  • Rohit Khandekar

Congratulations to all of the following on adding another year of domestic bliss:

  • Mayank Sharma & Roma
  • Pankaj Thakkar & Shilpa, Nikhil Garg & Pooja
  • Rohit Dube & Manisha
  • Anupam Rastogi & Megha

If we have missed out any birthdays or anniversaries, it is because you have been too shy or lazy and haven’t told us. So please send the missing dates across.

We pray that none of your near and dear ones was impacted in the Mumbai terror attacks. It was quite depressing to watch the carnage and we hope that India becomes more proactive in taking effective security measures in the future.

Vaibhav & Tantan.