Mitali Singh

After IIT: USC
Career Goal(s): wish I knew !!!!
Nicknames: None here(Mituz,Mitsi,Mitli,mittu)
Hobbies: watching /reading cartoons
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: Dont want more embarrassment

If there was anyone I ever felt intimidated by in the department, it was Mitali. I must say that I always used to regard her suspiciously during the first year. But, being a person very active in extra-curricular activities myself, I used to admire the enthusiasm that she used to display during the freshers’ events and for other events later during the year. Let me add here, I have gotten over my fear of her quite some time back.

For someone with such a sweet & soft voice, and a disarming smile like Mitali, you would expect she couldn’t hurt a fly, but, god forbid, when she gets angry …. !!! ;-) A truly colourful personality, she has had a variety of experiences from mountain climbing, trekking, skiing, to learning a variety of dances, river rafting, roller skating, u name it and shes done it!!! A very good sitar player Mitali has this uncanny ability of running into disaster.. Last sem was particularly bad for her. First when she applied for AGRE, ETS misspelled her name in the ticket. Then, she had to get her GRE centre changed twice, b’cos they kept giving her out of the way places, even though Delhi was available. Then, close to the majors, she discovered that she wasnt registered for a btp even though she had filled it in her reg slip!! When she was in France, she often faced language problems. Once at a party, people over there believing that Indians keep cows in their houses started asking her about that. She thought they were talking about a cat, and told them that she had one as a pet sometime back and it used to come into her room, and also sleep on her bed sometimes. They were completely horrified before Mitali realised her error!

A sweet, soft-spoken person (I am talking about her voice, not her words!) Mitali … its been nice having her as her friend for the past four years … from the “interaction” period when she used to give us our hostel seniors’ secrets and help us with our “interaction assns”, thru’ the “magai” of ME120 and the rough and tumble of Comparch and PL assns, a year away from us all, and then back to give us fundaes on life in Europe … not to forget her willingness to give skating lessons to anybody showing enthu for it.

One peculiar thing about Mitali is her uncanny ability to delete her files … even whole directories … and then saying “I didn’t do anything … they just vanished!!” … but she is not losing stuff all the time … lots of strange things finds her way into her comp, the resume of Dummy’s Dad being just one example.