Gaurav Rastogi

After IIT: Cap One
Nicknames: Rusty
Gaurav Rastogi on himself:

the dictum – it is and it cannot not be.

Rusty has a no non-sense attitude towards life. The manner in which he makes me work for the vision assignment (which indeed is a great accomplishment for him) clearly forcasts that he will go places in life kyonki jo mujhse kaam karwa sakta hai woh kuch bhi kar sakta hai. saala waqt bewaqt mujhe harkaata rahta hai yeh kar doonga woh kar doonga. mann to karta hai ki ……… chalo chhodo!!! But overall, by the experience of whatever little time I have spent with him, I find him a very good friend material who cares for you but at the same time ensures that u don’t take his help for granted. May GOD pass him in Vision…AAMEEN !!!

He is a really a stud when it comes to finding short cuts to do a job. I am really amazed by his ability to always come up with the free source code of the project that he has to do. Its best to avoid him when he is in one of his tempers especially while playing.

One thing about him that impresses me the most is that he is very clear about what he has to do. He has much more potential then what his performanc shows though he always keeps telling me that he is an overachiever.Over all a very good friend .