Gokul R. Varadhan

After IIT: UNC
Career Goal(s): Further studies in Operating Systems
Hobbies: Playing lawn tennis, cricket, Watching TV, occasionally reading books

Gokul is easily one of the most misunderstood persons of the department. Though he was known in the first year for his rigid viewpoints, he actually has a very flexible and patient thinking, always prepared to listen you out in the full. A very prominent feature about him is his enthusiasm for sports – tennis, cricket, TT and badminton. Definitely a great person to have as a friend.

Don Gokul’s days in the underworld of Bombay have left him with a delightful earnestness and determination, which some sadly mistake for rigid views. The only thing he has been rigid about is conferring on Prof. Maheshwari the title of “Supari Killer.” Who would know better than Don Gokul ?

Initially I had the impession that Gokul is a very sincere guy & devotes his time only for studies. but later on when i came to know that gokul is a multi faceted personality, i have become a great fun of him. Almost n number of times he has told me ‘gautam shaayad tujhe yeh maloom nahin ki main baddy bahut achcha khelta hoon, infact I play cricket pretty well too, aur to aur , ek baar mera tennis ka game dekh le phir pata chalega main kya cheez hoon!!!’ initially, I used to laugh off these statements (seeing the anatomy of gokul in those days anybody would have) but one day i saw him playing tennis with his brother & i was truly astonished by his athletism. Germany se aane ke baad gokul mein woh change aaya hai ki kya bataayen …pehle ladkiyon ke naam pe sharma jaata tha ab to ladkiyon ki yeh se lekar woh tak ek ghante tak bolta rahega ‘yeh ladki peeche se tot hai ‘kya ma*** hain’ u can often hear him using such language. gokul yaar kuch jyada phenk di ho to maafi.

Whatever Gokul does, he does it with full enthu, be it cricket, maths, btp , vision, tennis …….. anything. His zeal and perseverence to reach his goal reminds me of his notorious namesake in Dushman .

A good ol’ pal. One of the only people in the dep whose conscious about doing too little work! We’ve been working together on various things for two years now and its been an absolute pleasure – both his friendship and his keen, curious intellect. Is so watchful that he also keeps you on track, and doesn’t let you get too complacent. Had great fun with him in Germany, and freaked out for two months all over Europe! Here’s hoping we can have many more journeys together…