Shuchi Chawla

After IIT: CMU for the next 5 (or 6) years
Hobbies: Vocal Music, day dreaming, talking
Most embarrassing moment at IIT: I'd be too embarrassed to tell!!
Fun stuff about Shuchi Chawla:

Two definite characteristics of Shuchi are her enthu (that could even make her run around wildly on the stage at STIC dinner 98) and her gullibility to get psyched over little things – a dog, a wax bomb(she moved far away from the crowds to light it ).She has had enough leg pulling in IIT to last a lifetime -she did look taller trying rollers yesterday.

Well writing on this page is actually a difficult task -the amount of threats I have got..Dare you write this.Wait what I do to you if you write this…..I think Sayontan and the M&D team might have faced enuff of these while they were trying to write her character sketch so I guess I need not elaborate on this case.The question whether she can carry on all the threats she usually gives or not is a different issue.

If I’d imagine a world where she could ,I wonder what “kehar” would come over Kehar Singh , PSK’s emails would surely add on to his epitaph and Kundu would become as abstract as his tutorials. Amazingly,the only proff which actually got Shuchi excited in a single lecture was SKG . Na Na, obviously shuchi could do without the teaching skills but the reason for all the excitement was that SKG was indeed shorter to her. Shuchi is indeed a very nice person to know.I guess there is no need to mention on her helpfulness ,enthusiasm because surely everyone notices these now and then.She loves pranks and enjoys them no matter if they were played on her or by her. Then I cannot end without mentioning a small skit we did in our hostel on STIC dinner.We were told about this 5 minutes before ,I came up with a funny script and the only practice we did was on stage itself. At one point of time Shuchi was supposed to be a bus driver and I was to have an accident and die.I do not whether I was wearing red or something else infuriated her but she decided to kill me even before I finished with the dialogue.Obviously I decided not to die and started avoiding her, trying to finish up with the dialogue.So Shuchi had five minutes of running on the stage with the killer look in her eyes.And everytime she thought that she had got me ,I would step aside.But ofcourse she did get me killed ultimately. Her favourite things…. Chocolates ofcourse…And Why?????? ;-)

Our BTP account at moose had touched almost 1GB.We really had not worked all that much so I wonder how we managed to even get that much of trash in.Anyway Shuchi was desperately trying to reduce the account, updating the score now and then – 870 MB …700,670…. Suddenly there was news that there was fire in the department.I went and told her this -Shuchi oblivious of worldly matters looks blankly at me and answers in an elated manner 470…

By far, the most sporting person in the batch, and consequently, the butt of most of the jokes – which she takes very well.

Shuchi is one person who is highly enthusiastic about whatever she does (though not very responsibly on some occasions). One very nice thing about her is that she is always ready to be of help. She is quite absent-minded at times – it took me quite some time to get back a book that I had once given her. Definitely a pleasant person to have around, primarily because she doesn’t mind being ragged by others. Even if she does, she doesn’t show it often.

She is good natured…very helping..nice to talk to.. and always smiling…

Living with Shuchi is like having a 24-hour entertainment channel by your side. Whether it is her acrobatics on sensing a dog (u got that right – she can detect a dog’s presence from half a mile away!!), her ceaseless chattering (I realised sometime back that it was her “hobby” :-) or her habit of giving earth-shattering reactions to small things, u never get a moment to feel bored.

Dear Shuchi ….. # Not everything can go wrong ! # Not every dog is out there to take a piece out of you ! Inspite of the fact that nearly everyone is after her and nearly every dog nearly bites her ….. she is real fun to work will and her enthu is really infectious ….

I really like her for the amount of appreciation she has accumulated for my exceptional ideas over the years. I will have to accept that she has some niche for good things …. The enthu with which she debugged some of my codes beats me … thanks a lot …. she surely has a whole bunch of ideas … and the courage to go ahead with them …

One of the few people in the department who take things sportingly. I really appreciated the way she took our M&D mail – An Expose of a port 25 MiSSuser. We were fearing she would come the way suman kumar had come after an article on him, but ofcourse she was different. Somehow in the last year she has gathered a lot of enthu. The way she conducted BitsKrieg and other things are worth commending.

I know her… You know her… Everybody knows her… But this enthu girl doesn’t know… 2, nah 3 , nah 5… Well many studs in our own department. Well I guess these people who haven’t put up their fotu must put it soon, so that she can at least relate faces to their names. Anyway a great person to be with – at least you can’t get bored with her chattering. And boy I would surely like to recieve mails the way she does, her mailbox is always overflowing. It was great to work with her during Summers of 98, well this project is one of the main reasons behind me getting into MIT.

I know her as an enthusiastic organiser – be it our dep parties, music nites, what have you. She does it with total commitment and dedication, and makes the event a success. Best of luck for everything, and I hope I can be in many more events organised by you in the future.