Pankaj Thakkar

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Career Goal(s): U got me thinking now
Nicknames: cyberthak, thakkar, professor
Hobbies: Chatting, Billiards

I and Chanda will always be obliged to him for facilitaing us in having lunches at C-DoT with his connections with R*U*C*H*I. We were always there when she brought her tiffin box or her canteen coupons.The sad part is she got married so quickly. May God provide you with a replacement soon!

The secret behind his fast typing is his addiction to chat. Subah subah he needs at least 1 hr chat before he gets releived. Bahut bandiyaan hain chat per but alas yeh chat hi maartaa rah gayaa!!! Uskey aaagey kuch nahin ho payaa. This guy is a sad tale of missed oppurtunities (With girls of course). I guess more than half of the department knows about “MOTIBAGH”. To recapitulate: Thakkar max senti thaa is “MOTIBAGH” pey, but besides staring, blushing and smiling he couldn’t do much. In the end: ab becharaa MOTIBAGH ki vehicle per haath pher kar hi kaam chalaataa hain. If he can be called right hand man of HS then he is also left hand man of one of one of our reverred profs. Another thing is that Thakkar is fond of Desktops. BTP ho yaa naa ho Desktop max sexy honaa chahiyey. Can you believe that this guy spent more than a week just to arrange desktops in Ernet Lab. Anyway God bless this helpful and stud “tedaa medaa” and his Desktops.

Thakkar was my first friend at IIT who wasn’t from Nil and didn’t belong to Hyderabad. What impresses people is his ability to complete his assignments with remarkable speed. Still more impressive is the fact that there used to be several copies of his assignments circulated around, but he never got caught either for copying or for promotion of the same.

            Here is tota of department. The resemblance of this person with tota(parrot) is simply unbelievable. Just try to compare his face with a parrot and you can easily find out that ancestors of this chap were parrots instead of monkeys.This guy imitates a parrot not only in looks but in his doings also. He can also be given the award of chatter box of department. To the envy of others, he has uncountable number of chat friends(girls of course), who keep calling him now and then on ernet phone. Usually this chat session on phone lasts for 2 hrs atleast…….and invariably after each such session he passes the comment “bhot chat ti hai yaar”…..this modesty is the speciality of this guy.

            The number of accolades this guy receives is simply unbelievable. Once on seeing him walking in the corridor…..Rajosi sincerely asked me “don’t you think this is some haunted sprit.”

Let’s not stop here. Once upon a time this haunted sprit visited Jaipur with his ernet company to attend a marriage. At night he was dead tired and could’t wait to go to bed. So he took shelter in a chair and fall asleep. Later his friend spotted him and they described his posture as “his hands were on either side of chair, back on lower half of chair, tounge out of mouth, and chashma on”. Ahuja could’t stop himself from passing this comment ” aisa lagta hai koi sookhi hoi chipkali padi hai” and then added on watching his tounge hanging out of his mouth “jis pe kisi ne pair rakh diya hai”. They also took his photograph in this posture but our haunted sprit managed to remove the pic with negative from the roll. Only he knows where he has kept that.

             Well…jokes apart!! he is a very nice guy, posess titillating looks, very helpful and of course very humble. And please note that there is no sarcasm in this last paragraph.

I really think his parents would have been very happy the first day he would have walked…tehra mehra hi sahi….his style of walking, his ever open mouth and his always open chat windows make him a unique masterpiece….

A stud programmer. I learnt quite many good software practices from him while doing heavy OS assignments, specially that well organization and indentation of a program is more important than whether the program works or not!