Hello folks,

So here we are back with the result of  the second polls . We;; I must confess that this time the response was not overwhelming. I guess this is attributed to some people who are jealous of our ever growing popularity. To name few, the core team of 'M&D' Web Publishing  have not taken part in both the polls. Similarly few souls which don't like to call themselves MAN didn't participate as well. Again this is a request to all these people to exercise their franchise.

     Out of 60 souls of our batch, only 33 took part in voting. 

    Second runner up : Gaurav Rastogi

    First runner up      : Neeraj Dumir

   Teraa Khoon P Jaaoongaa

P. Suman Kumar

    P. Suman Kumar wins  FREE Subscription to the Jokes List Managed by Dube.
    Well, I suppose everybody was expecting  him to win. Well I would say that the title 'Angry Young man' does not go with Suman. Agreed, a slightest provocation gets Suman to blow smoke from his nose and ears. Again agreed that he is a man. But what about the third adjective "Young"??  Gives you some food for thought!! Huh?? 

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