Hello folks,

       So here we are back with the result of  the third polls .The response this time was much better than last two times ,and the competition was also a close one. Most of the responses consisted of guys giving their precious votes to their btp partners (which definitely shows amount of work done in B Tech projects). Some labs such as ernet indulged in mass voting which resulted in Manchu turning into a major contender.

     Out of 60 souls of our batch, only 48 took part in voting.

    Second runner up : Manchanda

    First runner up      :  Vaibhav

   Main Kaam Ka Pujari

It was actually a tie between Vaibhav, Manchanda and Pankaj Mangal, So

The Polling Inc , has by its discretion awarded this title to

Pankaj Mangal

   Pankaj wins a FREE BTP with Moshu ,if be so wishes.
     Strange that Vaibhav was tied up with Mangal , just goes on to show how much work he has done in his BTP!!!!!

The Pole_Ling Inc.

"Hamari Koi Branch Nahin Hain"

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