Birthdays and Anniversaries in November v10.11

Dear Friends,

A very happy Diwali to all of you!

Obviously the big news of this month is that our most eligible bachelor KT will cease to be so. Please join me in congratulating KT and Smriti on their upcoming wedding (22nd), which under mysterious circumstances is happening in Bangkok. Multiple theories of various degrees of scandalousness have been postulated concerning the rationale behind the choice of venue, but none have been forthcoming from the master himself, who stated in no uncertain terms, "don’t ask why". Given Bangkok’s reputation we are sure there were compelling reasons for them to shift base from Jaipur. Regardless, here’s wishing our new couple a very happy and blissful wedded life.

Let me also proceed to drop a hint about another in our line of bachelors who will tie the knot, albeit next month. Watch out for an announcement from him!

Now for the birthdays and anniversaries this month. A very Happy Birthday to:

  1. Gaurav Rastogi
  2. V. Vamsi Krishna
  3. Keshav Singla (Congratulations to Munish and Sarika!)
  4. Subodh Kumar Sohi
  5. Nikhil Garg
  6. S. Kamal
  7. Sulabh Agarwal
  8. Alok Manchanda

And a Happy Anniversary to:

  1. Neeraj Dumir and Jyotsna
  2. Alok Manchanda and Shruti
  3. Kumar Gautam and Guncha
  4. Saurabh Mahajan and Rima

Lastly, here are the regular notices:

  1. Please keep your coordinates updated. You can send me (Tantan) an email and I will take care of it.
  2. Please do let us know if we have got any dates wrong or missing.
  3. This announcement is also posted on the Announcements page on BTech96 at