Birthdays and Anniversaries in October v10.10

Dear Friends,

Happy Dussehra to all of you!

This month we have the following fine folks celebrating their birthdays:

  1. Aradhana Khandekar
  2. Gokul Varadhan
  3. Sanvitti Manchanda (Congratulations to Alok and Shruti)
  4. Dinakar S Rao
  5. Ashish Ahuja
  6. Sayontan Sinha
  7. Anupam Rastogi
  8. Shivaji Das
  9. Anuj Khare
  10. Mohit Agnihotri
  11. Shilpa (Mrs. Sharad Mittal)
  12. Suman Kumar
  13. Rutu Bole (Mrs. Sulabh Agrawal)
  14. Amogh Akella (Congratulations to Shuchi and Aditya)

Also a Happy Anniversary to Gagan and Parikshit!

And congratulations to Mayank and Roma on the birth of their daughter, Trisha last month! That makes Raina a very happy elder sister!

I have an update from my side this time – we are moving to Vancouver after 5 years in the Bay Area. I will be starting at the Deloitte office there on November 1st, and Tanuka and Jishnu will join me by the end of November or early December. Do let me know if any of you would like to get together.

Lastly, here are the regular notices:

  1. Please keep your coordinates updated. You can send me (Tantan) an email and I will take care of it.
  2. Please do let us know if we have got any dates wrong or missing.
  3. This announcement is also posted on the Announcements page on BTech96 at