Birthdays and Anniversaries in May v10.05

Dear Friends,
Let me start off by apologizing for not sending out the mail last month. I just had too much on my plate the first 3 weeks of April to be socially active. Next, let me congratulate the entire batch for completing 10 years after our last majors (give or take a few days)!

Now for the birthdays this month:

  1. Phaneender Aedla
  2. S Murali Mohan
  3. Sarika Jain Singla
  4. Aikataan Sinha
  5. Rakhesh Sasidharan
  6. Harish Chandra Arya
  7. Harsh Nanda

And a happy anniversary to Asheesh Chanda on 23rd!

And lastly, here are the regular notices:

   1. Please keep your coordinates updated. You can send me (Tantan) an email and I will take care of it.
   2. Please do let us know if we have got any dates wrong or missing.
   3. This announcement is also posted on the Announcements page on BTech96 at