Birthdays and Anniversaries in September v09.09

Dear Friends,
Greetings from my very travel-weary self! I have been doing coast-to-coast flights and then some more during the last few weeks, traveling to Rochester, NY for a client engagement. Hope all of you are doing well.

This month the following upstanding ladies and gents are celebrating their birthdays:

    1. Sutanuka Sinha
    2. Mukul Kumar
    3. Gagan Aggarwal
    4. Rohit Kumar
    5. Shveta Goel (Mrs. Mohit Mittal)
    6. Rohit Dube
    7. Vaibhav Vaish
    8. Ashish Kapoor
    9. Avyan Mahajan

      Happy Birthday folks and have fun!


      1. Please keep your coordinates updated. You can send me (Tantan) an email and I will take care of it.
      2. Please do let us know if we have got any dates wrong or missing.
      3. This announcement is also posted on the Announcements page on BTech96 at