Birthdays and Anniversaries in April v09.04

Dear Friends,
Hope all of you are busy making fools of yourselves and others. Also, here is hoping that the economic downturn is not impacting you in any major way.

Now, getting down to the fun stuff, here is wishing Shreya (Manchanda), Avish (Dumir) and Advit (Dube) a very happy second Birthday! We do request the parents to indulge in an extra slice of cake per member of BTech96 on our behalves.

As for the old-timers this is the month of Kiran Kumar Gurumukhi – Kiran and Megha are celebrating their anniversary and Kiran is getting a year older. Cheers to you, Gurumukhi! Here’s also wishing (Vivek) Jawa, (Tarkeshwar) Thakur, (Sachin) Zensaab and Ravi Sagar a very happy and eventful Birthday!

And lastly, the usual mumbo-jumbo:

  1. Please keep your coordinates updated. You can send me (Tantan) an email and I will take care of it.
  2. Please do let us know if we have got any dates wrong or missing.
  3. This announcement is also posted on the Announcements page on BTech96 at

Have a good All Fools Day, everyone!

Tantan & Vaibhav.