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Suman Kumar


  • Home on the Web:

  • Career Goal(s): MS/PHD(as of now)

  • Nicknames: chumman kumar

  • Hobbies: Reading Books(esp detective, adventure) & painting used to be my favorite hobbies but somehow stopped it since long.. all time hobbies include listening to music, talking, making friends, playing games(Chess, Carroms, TT, Badmention, Cricket...). Four things which I never get tired of:
    1. Eating Chocolates..I can eat tons of them
    2. Music is in my blood and I never stop humming songs..songs I hum convey my mood at that time
    3.Talking. If I get a good company, a good match I can't stop talking..some even consider me a chatter box for this reason.
    4. When it gets into my head I can go on playing till I am unable to stand.

  • Most embarrassing moment at IIT: ??

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